One Cup Teapot. Plum Blue, Black Green
AC one cup teapot

Singles serving teapot atop a perfectly fitted teacup. Come in a variety of colors and will be delivered in only one.

Not available for deliver for safety issues. Come on by to our shop in the East Village to grab your own.

One Cup Teapot
Product Options
#OptionPriceSales TaxWeight
1Black$12.00Band 120.00 ounces
2Plum$12.00Band 120.00 ounces
3Dark green$12.00Band 120.00 ounces
(Shipping Zones by State/County/Province)
WeightZone 1Zone 2
1.00 ounces$5.00$5.00
7.00 ounces$8.00$8.00
16.00 ounces$12.00$12.00