Gift Set (large)

The large gift set includes a tea strainer, a tin and 4 oz of tea.
Choose from over 30 types of tea & herbs below.

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Gift Set
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#OptionPriceSales TaxWeight
1Gift Set Large$35.00Band 18.00 ounces
Additional Options
Tea Selection 1
Options for the small and large gift set / accessory page
1Chamomile$0.000.00 ounces
2Peppermint$0.000.00 ounces
3Spearmint$0.000.00 ounces
4Ginger$0.000.00 ounces
5Lemon Mango Fruit$0.000.00 ounces
6Berry berry fruit$0.000.00 ounces
7Bubble gum fruit kids tea$0.000.00 ounces
8Bella cola fruit$0.000.00 ounces
9Bourbon st vanilla Rooibos$0.000.00 ounces
10Hunney rooibos$0.000.00 ounces
11provence rooibos$0.000.00 ounces
12Sunshine lemon rooibos$0.000.00 ounces
13roasted mate$0.000.00 ounces
14Fresh green mate$0.000.00 ounces
15Gunpowder green tea$0.000.00 ounces
16Chunmee green tea$0.000.00 ounces
17Genmaicha green$0.000.00 ounces
18Pomegranate hibiscus green$0.000.00 ounces
19pu-erh$0.000.00 ounces
20lapsang souchong$0.000.00 ounces
21kenya milima$0.000.00 ounces
22Palm court$0.000.00 ounces
23English breakfast$0.000.00 ounces
24Irish breakfast$0.000.00 ounces
25Queen elizabeth$0.000.00 ounces
26earl grey$0.000.00 ounces
27monks blend$0.000.00 ounces
28almond$0.000.00 ounces
29ice wine$0.000.00 ounces
30mango black$0.000.00 ounces
31Peaches and ginger black$0.000.00 ounces
32Hot cinnamon spice black$0.000.00 ounces
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WeightZone 1Zone 2
1.00 ounces$5.00$5.00
7.00 ounces$8.00$8.00
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