Green Tea

Produced primarily in China and Japan, tea leaves are picked, dried, and heat-treated to stop fermentation of the loose leaf green tea. The heat treatment for Chinese green tea consists of roasting the tea leaves in a hot roasting pan whereas Japanese green tea is steamed. After moisture is removed through the heat treatment, the tea leaves are typically rolled and dried again before ready for use. Chinese green tea produces a yellowish green liquor and toasted taste while Japanese green tea is dark green in color and has a grassy taste. Loose green tea typically has 5-10% of the caffeine in an average cup of coffee.

1 teaspoon per cup
170-185 degrees for 2-4 mins
1 min for Matcha Super Green
Matcha (Green Tea Powder)

_HON0091Add one small tea spoon in to a ball, ad very little water to it and use a whisk
for 30-60 second until the match powder becomes a very thik liquid which is the base.Add sweetener if you like and hot milk soy almond milk or just water,  or cold
milk soy almond or water, mix well and poor over ice.

Matcha (prepared with whisk sold here)
In Japan, matcha translates to powdered tea. This is a beverage where the tea leaves are consumed, not strained like most other teas. Famous for being the tea celebrated in the Japanese Tea Ceremony, it can be enjoyed with or without ritual. The vibrant green color in matcha comes from careful cultivation. Tea plants are covered with mats several weeks prior to harvest, making it difficult for them to receive nutrients. In this struggle, the plant produces more chlorophyll and its leaves become supple. Once harvested, the leaves are dried, de-veined (stems removed) and stone-ground into powder.

Matcha (Green Tea Powder)
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