We (the lovely people at Physical Graffitea), support local artists!

Each month we’ll house art from local artists in our cozy, exposed-brick East Village tea-room. In order to help you starving artists get recognition, we will have a month-long auction featuring your work! Every three weeks we will announce the winners during a “gallery night” in which the teashop will be transformed into a swanky gallery, serving tea and cocktails. Can it get any better than that?

NOW SHOWING: Vintage Portraits by local David Greene. <dgreene20@nyc.rr.com>.

Soak in the local flavor and enjoy a pot of tea, Physical Graffitea-style!

(any pieces not auctioned off roll over into the next month)


Fair Trade and Organic

We sell only the finest ORGANIC and FAIRTRADE teas by the ounce, cup or pot.

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Our cafe is located on 96 Saint Marks in New York’s East Village.

Fresh Herbs and Medicinal Blends

We do custom medicinal herb blends upon request.