Cool off this summer with a crisp, effervescent cup of kombucha poured fresh from the tap and brewed by local brewmasters Brooklyn Kombucha.

Kombucha is an ancient style of fermented tea that has been consumed for its impressive health benefits for thousands of years. It’s famous for it’s invigorating, probiotic, and detoxifying properties.

Kombucha is:
Rich in anti-oxidants
A substantial immune booster
A strong digestive and stomach soother
A liver cleanser and strengthener
A mood enhancer
A swift metabolizer

It has a lite cider-y taste and is refreshingly bubbly. Come in and have a cup today!

Fair Trade and Organic

We sell only the finest ORGANIC and FAIRTRADE teas by the ounce, cup or pot.

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Our cafe is located on 96 Saint Marks in New York’s East Village.

Fresh Herbs and Medicinal Blends

We do custom medicinal herb blends upon request.