Bai Ya Bao (Wild White Tea Buds)

Bai Ya Bao (Wild White Tea Buds)

Apr 13th 2022

Bai Ya Bao (wild white tea buds) is our newest white tea!

These tiny, compact baby buds are cultivated in Yunnan, China from wild tea trees.

The buds are what sprout from the tea tree before growing into new branches. Due to this, they have to be picked sparingly to ensure the health and growth of the tree.

Bai Ya Bao buds are hand plucked in the early spring from the same trees that produce pu-erh, and they undergo a process akin to that of a young sheng pu-er.

After they are plucked, they are left to dry under the sun until they have no more moisture, which lightly oxidizes them.

Steep one teaspoon with water 180-190 degrees Fahrenheit from anywhere between 4-10 minutes for an incredibly clear cup with a crisp, light-bodied flavor. Bai Ya Bao has complex notes of greenwood and pine needles, each sip leaving a lingering sweet finish. White tea drinkers are going to love this new tea!

This new tea is limited in stock, so grab your bag soon— in store or online!