Madame Butterfly Jasmine

Madame Butterfly Jasmine

Oct 13th 2021

For lovers of fine tea and luxury—

This exquisite and exclusive tea is a must try, especially for those who love silver needle jasmine or any of our other luxurious teas (like Golden Monkey or Yellow Tea).

Madame Butterfly Jasmine is a 1st Flush peony silver needle that grows only 3 weeks out of the year high up in the Fujian Mountains. This new spring tea is carefully handpicked and delicately tied into the shape of butterfly wings. The butterflies are then layered under fresh, hand-plucked, lightly fragrant jasmine flowers and infuse over the course of 7 consecutive evenings to achieve the semi-sweet, elegant floral aroma and taste.

The antioxidant-rich butterflies steep for 1-3 mins at 175 degrees Fahrenheit/80 degrees Celsius, many times over, the wings of the butterflies opening up more with each resteep. 

Our stock of this fine tea is limited and selling quickly! Get your oz today online or in store!