Yellow Tea

Yellow Tea

Jul 15th 2022

Yellow Tea is extremely rare to find outside of China!

It is a seasonal green tea that only grows four weeks out of the year and harvested in early spring. The earlier in spring that it arrives, the sweeter the tea. Yellow tea also goes through an extra production process—after harvesting the leaves are immediately dried directly under the sun or gentle pan firing. After the leaves are dried they are wrapped in a wet cloth to introduce a mild oxidization through steaming. After a three day oxidization process the leaves are then fired again which causes the yellow like tint when this tea is steeped.

Yellow tea has all the benefits of green tea including a high concentration of antioxidants, catechin and polyphenols. It is extremely beneficial for overall health and is smooth and naturally sweet when steeped. Yellow tea refuses to get bitter but for an ideal steeping use 170-180 degree water for 4 mins and then resteep many, many times over!

This seasons batch of yellow tea is especially sweet because it was picked a few weeks earlier than usual!